Based in Tampere, Finland

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December 1, 2018



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Sekvensoft is a small indie game studio based in Tampere, Finland. Our goal is to craft mid-core games which offer exciting and challenging content with rewarding, in-depth, progression.

Our Story

Just a small team with a dream (June 2017 – Nov 2018)

In the summer of 2017, we literally started from a scratch with just a dream of becoming an independent game studio, which makes great games that people would enjoy playing. But…

This is a quite common dream, eh?

So how could we succeed, especially without any outside funding or borrowed money? …and with our day jobs to keep things going? Hard work and a lot of learning are the no-brainers, but we needed more than that. Maybe we could just aim to craft simple games for the widest group of people possible, as it has worked well for others…

Nope. We decided to try a different route.

Our first game is called Irradiant Core. It is an ambitious mid-core mobile game offering exciting, fun and especially challenging content with compelling social elements and rewarding, in-depth, character progression. We can admit that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but why should every game be? It’s crafted for those of us who desire more than just simple and brainless gameplay on mobile.

This game now represents us. At the time of writing, Irradiant Core is in closed alpha stage and it has already created a lot of interest. It really stands out from the masses. Our game shows what we can achieve with just dedication, hard work and passion. However, we decided to start searching for external support and funding, as it would enable us to get rid of the things that currently slow us down and help us reach our goals faster.

From a team to company (Dec 2018 -->)

We formally founded Sekvensoft on December of 2018. So now we are entrepreneurs with many, many hats.

Our goals. Yes, great games of course, but a successful game company requires more than that. We believe that the best quality work comes from small teams, with a great team spirit. Teams, in which every member is passionate about what they do. Anyway, hopefully, someday, we would be able to help others to reach their goals in the gaming industry as well.



Irradian Core Trailer

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Mikko Mäenpää

Founder, Producer, Programmer

Niko Joensuu

Co-Founder, Game Designer

Pyry Mäkinen

Co-Founder, Audio

Sami Valkonen

Web Designer